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Goods Brief



Be charm by awake the youth skin 膚活佳人光彩奪人 

A natural beauty product 全天然美膚產品
OJO+ H²O Silk Cream is the latest skin care products from high technology sector by adapting rare native forest plants. The plants growth factors included epidermal growth factor, keratinocyte growth factor and fibroblast growth factor, together with the serine matrix have formed a growth factor of "forest series anti-aging” to play a role. On top of that, serine, the natural moisturizing factor, may accelerate skin metabolism, whitening and moisturizing, tenderizing, despeckle and rhytidectomy, prevent skin aging, increase skin elasticity, repair damaged skin and comprehensively improve skin condition.
OJO+ H²O Silk Cream 高科技領域所研發出的新型美膚品採用天然罕有的森林植物, 萃取其活性的生長因子, 即表皮生長因子、角質形成細胞生長因子、成纖維細胞生長因子、再加上絲氨酸基質組成, 三種"森林系抗衰老"生長因子協同發揮作用, 加之天然保溫因子絲胺酸, 可加速皮膚新陳代謝, 美白保濕, 嫩化肌膚, 祛斑除皺, 防止皮膚老化, 增加皮膚彈性, 修復受損肌膚, 全面改善皮膚整體狀況.

The role material of OJO+ H²O Silk Cream is manufactured from one of the Three Largest Manufacturer of Raw Materials & Ingredients in France which is SOLABIA Group. The SOLABIA Group has always made the quality of its products and services an essential factor for growth and development. SOLABIA Group also have a triple certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for U.C.I.B., SOLABIA Group. Most of the giant skincare brands are cooperate with SOLABIA Group such as CLARINS, LANCOME, GUERLAIN, CLINIQUE, DECLEOR, BIOTHERM, L’OREAL etc.
OJO+ H²O Silk Cream原料來自於世界三大原料供應商之一的法國SOLABIA公司. SOLABIA公司在純植物美容領域已經占據國際領先地位, 與SOLABIA公司進行技術、配方、與原料合作的國際知名品牌有CLARINS (嬌韻詩)、 LANCOME (蘭蔻)、  GUERLAIN (嬌蘭)、 CLINIQUE (倩碧) 、 DECLEOR (思妍麗) 、 BIOTHERM (碧歐泉) 、 L’OREAL (歐萊雅) 等.

Along with the changes age, skin texture and function may change as well. Compare with the skin aging, hostile environment, especially long term exposure to sunlight may cause more damage to the skin.
隨著年齡的改變, 皮膚的各種結構和功能也在發生變化. 環境的侵襲, 特別是長期日光照射, 對皮膚的損傷遠比年齡老化更為大的多.

Along with the growth of age, the below changes of skin texture and physiological structure may be found.

If compare between 60 years of and 20 years old, the transformation rate of epidermis is estimated reduce about 50%, while the dermis fibres and collagen fibril will be reduced as well. These are the reasons cause an aging skin seem thin, clear and transparent. It also cause the dermal vascular easily fractured.
60歲和20歲比較, 表皮中細胞轉換率大約減少50%, 真皮旨力纖維和膠原纖維減少, 這就是衰老的皮膚顯紙樣薄且清澈透明的特性和真皮血管易於斷裂的原因.

Along with the growth of age, the ageing phenomenon of collagen fibril and elastic fibre will be increased. Dermis is losing its elasticity and it will lead the reducing of anti-crack ability. When an aging skin in pinched, it takes time for the restitution and wrinkles deepen with the deformation of the elastic tissue.
隨著年齡變大, 膠原纖維和彈力纖維變聯增加, 使真皮可屈性差一些, 因而抗辦裂能力降低, 當把皮膚捏起時, 老年人的皮膚慢慢恢復原狀. 彈力組織變性, 導致皺紋加深.

The reducing of active melanocyte may lead the irregular cutaneous pigmentation (reducing of 10-20% for every 10 years)
黑色素細胞酶活性減低導致皮膚不規則的色素沉著 (每十年減低10-20%)

The 3 main skin-beautifying factors 3 種中要美膚因子
Grab other’s eye balls with your charm by awake the young and silky white skin!
昔日年輕肌膚被喚醒, 重現絲綢般嫩白, 讓你光彩亮麗, 奪人眼球!

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) is an inherent protein in human body. It helps to repair damaged epidermis and improve wound healing. The EGF of the product helps in ryhtidectomy, despeckle, increase skin elasticity, smoothing and whitening skin.
表皮生長因子 (Epidermal Growth Factor, EGF) 是一種人體固有的蛋白質, 在體內起到修復受損的表皮, 促進創傷癒合的作用. 產品中添加表皮生長因子, 可起到去皺、去痘等作用, 增加皮膚彈性, 使皮膚光滑嫩白.

Keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) plays an important role during the growth and renewal process of epidermal cells. It’s mainly work on the horn cells of skin surface, epithelium mucosae cells and desmocyte. It is proven able to promote the growth of skin horn cells and celloglobulin of horn cells, such as collagen. It also keeps the horn cells away from the hostile environment, such as ultraviolet. It may prevent skin aging, maintain skin elasticity and skin smoothing.
角質形成細胞生長因子 (Keratinocyte Growth Factor, KGF) 在表皮細胞的生長和更新過程中起重要作用, 主要作用於皮膚表層的角質細胞, 對黏膜上皮細胞和纖維細胞有一定作用.  已證實能促進皮膚角質細胞增生與角質細胞分泌纖維蛋白質如膠原蛋白, 也能保護角質細胞不受外界因素如紫外照射的損傷. 防止皮膚老化, 保持彈性和皮膚光滑的作用.

Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) promotes the erratic of endothelial cells and the proliferation of smooth muscle cells. It keeps the smooth muscle cells walking and stimulates the neovascularisation to repair the damaged endothelial cells.
成纖維細胞生長因子 (Fibroblast Growth Factor, FGF) 的作用是促進內皮細胞的遊走和平滑肌膚細胞的增殖, 不但能夠平滑肌膚細胞的遊走, 也能夠促進新血管形成,修復損傷的內皮細胞.

*80 female volunteers: 25 – 65 years old was doing the skin test within 4weeks, the following data are obtained
80 名女性自願者; 25-65 歲在4周內做肌膚測試, 得到以下數據:
√  Brightness increased 美白度增加 83.8%
√  Moisture retention increased by 保濕度提升75.3%
√  Gloss increased by 光澤度增加80.1%
√  Freckle effective rate of 祛斑效率為60.9%

Product Effectiveness 產品效果
1. Protection against aging & reduce visible signs of aging 防老化、減少可見的老化跡象
2. Smoothes various type of wrinkles 平滑各種類型的皺紋
3. Restore skin firmness & skin lift 恢復皮膚緊緻度和提拉皮膚
4. Protecting, nourishing and hydrating the skin for 24hours 保護、滋養和保濕皮膚24小時
5. Skin refining into smoothness and suppl e細化皮膚恢復亮滑和柔軟
6. Skin look vibrant, younger & healthier 皮膚看起來活力、更年輕、更健康
7. Protect skin from unevenness complexion 保護皮膚免受不均勻的膚色

KEY ACTIVE INGREDIENT 主要活性成分               
Sericin 絲氨酸, Boerhaavia Diffusa Root Extract 黃細心根提取物, Inca Inchi Oil 印加果油, Japanese Knotweed Extract日本虎杖(Polygonum Cuspidatum白藜蘆醇), Anti-aging Moisturizer 抗衰老保濕劑 (Cetraria Islandica Thallus 冰島苔蘚葉, Sphagnum Magellanicum 泥炭癬科, Polypodium Vulgare Rhizome 歐亞多足蕨)

Active Ingredient 活性成分1. 
Sericin 絲胺酸
It is a protein extracted during the silk manufacturing process that targets a higher skin protection. Due to the high content in hydroxyl amino acids, it plays a major role in the hydration balance of skin structures. Its skin barrier effect is restored through physiological processes a resistance to external aggressions, reduces redness and itching. To provide relief to stressed, sensitive or specific skins.
絲過程中提取技術專利. 它是在絲製造過程中提取的蛋白質, 其目標是更高效的保護皮膚. 由於是絲胺酸的高含量, 它能在皮膚結構的水合平衡中起主要作用, 其皮膚屏障效應通過生理過程恢復抵抗外部侵襲, 減少皮膚發紅和搔癢. 為壓力、敏感或特定的皮膚提供緩解作用.

Active Ingredient 活性成分2.
Boerhaavia Diffusa Root Extract 黃細心根提取物
It is a natural lightening active ingredient, acts on the initial mechanisms of pigmentation, prevention of melanin synthesis and decrease in skin tone and skin spots.
它是一種天然增白活性成分, 作用於色素沉著的初始機制, 減少黑色素的活性成分, 平衡膚色和減少皮膚黑斑.

Active Ingredients 活性成分3.
Inca Inchi Oil 印加果油
It comes from cultivation of Inca Inchi plants (Plukenetia volubilis) in Amazonian area of Peru. It was the richest oil in omega-3 from all known natural sources. It improves the skin barrier functions epidermis texture and skin softening.
它來自秘魯亞馬遜地區栽培的印加植物 (南美油藤). 這是來自所有已知的天然來源中最豐富的Omega-3油. 它能改善皮膚屏障保護功能, 表皮紋理和使皮膚柔軟.

Active Ingredients 活性成分4.
Japanese Knotweed Extract 日本虎杖 (Polygonum Cuspidatum白藜蘆醇)
It is the unique allicance between two molecules, selected for their complementary actions against acne-prone skin. It offers inhibition of acnes proliferation and regulates sebum production to erase visible and blemishes.
它是兩個分子之間的獨特聯盟, 選擇它們對抗痤瘡皮膚的補充作用. 它減少炎症和調節皮脂生產, 以消除可見的毛孔和瑕疵.

Active Ingredients 活性成分5.
Cetraria Islandica Thallus 冰島苔蘚葉,  Sphagnum Magellanicum 泥炭癬科, Polupodium Vulgare Rhizome 歐亞多足蕨
The Anti-aging Moisturizer HYDRACTIN®-LMF (Cetraria Islandica Thallus, Sphagnum Magellanicum, Polypodium Vulgare Rhizome), a symbiotic combination of three unique forest plants, it provides moisture and helps to retain it. It eventually contributes to altered smoothness, elasticity and firmness and the skin would looks smooth and young.
抗衰老保濕劑 HYDRACTIN-LMF (冰島苔蘚葉, 泥炭癬科, 歐亞多足蕨) 是三種獨特的森林植物的共生組合. 它提供水分有助於保留它, 並有助於改變平滑度、彈性度、緊緻度. 並且傾向於延緩皮膚老化, 讓肌膚看起來光滑和年輕.

7 Excluded Additives 不含以下種添加劑:
X  Parabens 對羚基苯甲酸酯
X  Methylisothiazolinone 甲基異噻唑啉酮(MIT)
X  Animal Origin Ingredients 動物來源成分
X  Mineral Oils 礦物油
X  Lanolin Substances 羊毛脂物質
X  Alcohols 酒精
X  Colorants 著色劑

Direction of Use 使用方式
After face cleansing and toning, dab a small amount of silk cream onto face and apply gently and evenly to the entire desired areas. For external use only.
臉部清潔和塗了化妝水之後, 塗抹少量蠶絲亮白霜在臉部, 輕輕均勻地塗抹到整個臉部的區域. 僅限於外用


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